Max Lee (美爸),资深自行车发烧友,知名自行车俱乐部及赛事发起人,10年北漂上游的职业经理人经历,让其坚定的选择家庭回归。

与小美一次不友好的学车经历后,让身心俱惫的美爸,开始思考:怎样用最简单的方式让宝宝自由无压力的练习平衡享受骑行?在一段时间观察与思考后,Balancebike 儿童平衡车进入美爸的视野。但国内国外现有产品在实用性与安全性等方面,都不太能够满足小美和美爸需求。既然这样,那就自己动手造一辆小美和美爸满意的车车吧!



Max Lee (May's Dad) or Beauty's dad, senior bicycle enthusiasts, well-known bike club and events' sponsor. After 10 years' working experiences as professional managers in Beijing and Shanghai with less family life, made him firmly choose home returning plan. After an unfriendly bicycle learning experience with May, her daughter, made Max worn down, however, the experience also stimulate Max to think about: what is the most simple way to make baby learn balance and enjoy riding? After a period of time for observation and thinking, children Balancebike came into the vision of Max. However, the practicability and safety of existing domestic and foreign products cannot fulfill the requirements of May and Max. If so, we should make one Balancebike by ourselves. In this case, TOYBOX Balancebike, any name you want, come to you as your first choice within the kids riding field,  we hand it to ur hand with full of love in this product for u and ur kids. 

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